There are three types of Intruder Alarms

1. Pre Wired Intruder Alarm System

Pre-wired alarm does not necessarily mean the house is wired for what you would like in a security alarm system, in fact many are even wired below industry standards.

The standard home security system consists of:

Control Panel

HKC Securewave control panel ,  The SW 10-70, includes recharging backup battery. Divides house into 10 wired zone areas eg. front door,front window etc. and also can take up to 70 wireless devices if needed, or for add ons where you don't have cable.


Talking keypad at front door includes Panic button. This is where you enter your user code to set the alarm.

Magnetic Contacts

On all windows and doors to detect intruders.
Available in brown or white.

Motion Detector

In hallway. Also known as a passive infrared detector(PIR)
This device detects body heat and acts as a backup to perimeter protection. Can be deactivated when you are at home.

Internal Bell

Rings inside the house when the security system is activated by an intruder.

External Bell with Strobe Light

Rings outside the house and flashes when the system is activated by an intruder.

Text and Voice Dialer 24 Hour Monitoring Device (Optional Extra)

This optional device can call or text your mobile phone directly in the event of the system being activated.

This device can also call our 24/7 central monitoring partner.

2. Wireless Alarms

Used when the premises is already built and has not been wired for an Alarm System. These systems are easily installed without any mess or disruption around the home or office.

Advantages of Wireless Alarms

  • Alarm sensors can be fitted quick and easily.
  • The structure of the premises or home is protected and undamaged with no unsightly trunking or cables.
  • Disruptive installation works are kept to a minimum.
  • Eliminates the hassle of wiring.
  • The Wireless Alarm System can be easily moved from one premises to another or sensors moved due to changes in the structure of the building.
  • The System can be extended with extra sensors if needed.

3. Wired Intruder Alarms

These systems require wires to be run from the control panel to each device, for example the sensors, keypad, bells. Unlike a pre-wired alarm it is very hard to conceal the cables in a wall and therefore will be visible all around the home.

Advantages of Wired Alarms

  • Many new homes are already wired with the necessary wires to be able to install an alarm system. If you've already got the wiring, you can save money on installation.
  • Wired home security systems can cover greater distances.
  • Cheaper option.